Another London


International photographers capture city life 1930 - 1980.

Tate Britain has gathered together a series of black and white photographs showing scenes from London over several decades. What is striking is how little the imagery has changed both within this timeframe and in comparison with today: Londoners waving flags for a jubilee or royal wedding; Londoners having their commute disrupted by the sudden apperance of a giant metal fence; There have always been pidgeons in Trafalgar square. Compare this with Hong Kong or Dubai 1930 - 2012. Vertigo.

One of the unique features of Another London is that all of the photographers come from outside Great Britain. However, as the Daily Mail delights in reminding its readers, these days about a third of Londoners were born outside the UK anyways. Therefore, one potential way of reading Another London is as a kind of triumph of the expats, as their view of London from the 1930s has become more or less the standard one.

Another London is at the Tate Britain until the 16th of September.

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