The Young Vic is currently running a play called Feast about three Yoruba women. The initial set-up is that the women come to a crossroads, where each path leads to a different set of circumstances. The play then becomes disjointed as it seems to follow different possible outcomes arising from the choice of one path over the others. The mystic who introduces both the play and the three sisters in question warns the audience of "total chaos," and this proves to be partially correct as it is very difficult to follow what is going on through the rapid changes in location and era.

The three sisters maintain their same archetypal characteristics for each scene, but the context shifts drastically. The fixed character traits help the audience to wring some meaning from the chaos. However, it basically amounts to placing placing nature over nurture. Rather than realising the promise of total chaos, this is really substituting one ordering principle for another.

Overall, the Feast is quite enjoyable. There is enough humour and showmanship within the individual scenes to keep the energy and interest levels high, even when the significance of individual events is unclear.

Feast is playing at the Young Vic until the 23rd of February.

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