Four the Love of Art


For this week only, the Gallery in Cork Street hosts a combined exhibition of four artists with very different styles.

Zebra and Girls

The artwork on display covers a range of forms and media, from Anna Coroneo's abstract organic shapes to Natalie Tkachuk's geometric photography. In between there are paintings and illustration by Carly Casey and Kareena Zerefos respectively.

Even though the works are very different, they share a whimsical sensibility which allows them to be displayed together. This sensibility is both the strength and weakness of the art; nothing really provokes. Instead, each piece has to be judged on its aesthetic merits. This means that everyone will prefer one artist over the others - a group exhibition in the age of The X-Factor demands that we make this kind of judgement.

That being the case, it would seem that today Zerefos has the strongest work on display. However, the polysemic nature of abstract work means that it is Coroneo's work that offers the greatest longevity.

Four the Love of Art is at The Gallery in Cork Street until 12th of May.

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