Gordon & Mary


An double exhibition of mixed media and smaller prints seems to lack focus.

Gordon & Mary Coldharbour

The exhibition of Gordon & Mary currently on at Coldharbour London feels like it should really be two exhibitions. First, there are large-scale mixed media works. Second, there is a series of smaller black and white prints.

The mixed media pieces are reminiscent of east european religious icons - heads surrounded by whorls of colour and fabric. They are huge, and the way they are framed leaves something to be desired. At a smaller scale, they would invite a more intimate contemplation.

Tucked away in the back room is a series of monoprints. Again, there are some religious undertones - mythological creatures and sketches of animals which resemble neolithic paintings. This work is much more pleasing than the experiments with mixed media. However, the quality of the prints is very inconsistent, and would have benefited from a more judicious curation.

The exhibition would have worked better as two separate, smaller exhibits, each with a clearer focus. As it is, it feels as though we are looking at works still in progress rather than finished pieces with fully matured concepts.

Gordon & Mary is at Coldharbour London until the 8th of July.

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