Nine Songs / Rice


Recently, the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan performed at Sadler's Wells theatre. Nine Songs, based on the poetry of Qu Yuan, and Rice, a celebration of Taiwanese rice production (all other rice being inferior).

I am not familiar with Qu Yuan's poems, so I can't say how the choreography holds up as an interpretation. I can say that all the shamans and the fucking reminded me of The Rite of Spring, at least until a chap in a bowler hat riding a bicycle showed up.

I have been to Taiwan, so I am sure I must have had some Taiwanese rice. That said, I can't really recall anything memorable about it. The dance, where lots of candles are placed into a river formation is beautiful to watch, but people are always easily mesmerised by fire. It's one of those things weird about humans.

Nine Songs / Rice ran at Sadler's Wells from the 21st - 27th of February, 2014

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