Post Pop: East Meets West


Here is a bit of fun: mix Western popular culture with Stalinist and Maoist nostalgia, and stick it in a gallery. It brings a smile to see Mickey Mouse holding hands with Lenin and Jesus, but I'm not sure it's really asking any interesting questions.

Icons are all around us. We know. Consumerism is ideology. We know. Its okay to have a laugh, sure, but are we laughing on the way to hell or the way back from it?

My favourite work in the exhibition is one that is less engaged with the obvious themes. It is a subtle two-screen computer animation by Julian Opie entitled View of Matsuzaki Bay in the rain, from Route 136. It takes the form of a traditional woodcut, so it's nicely composed. The animation is subtle and well done. I'm into vector animation at the moment, so maybe that's why I spent the most time looking at this one.

Post Pop: East Meets West is at the Saatchi Gallery until the 23rd of February, 2015

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