Sarah Morris: Bye Bye Brazil


This exhibition at the Bermondsy White Cube consists of two parts, a film and a series of paintings both called Rio. While both the paintings and the film share the same name and focus, the tones of the two parts are quite different.

In the film, Morris gives us a montage of scenes from Rio, which are propelled forward by a relentless up-tempo drum beat. Projected onto a vast gallery wall, the film transforms daily life into something both epic and vaguely sinister. In contrast, the series of paintings consists of large canvases, on which Morris has used an old graphic design technique to create precise repeating patterns. Moving from one painting to the next is a bit like changing the resolution in a viewfinder, as the patterns are quit similar and rendered in a pleasing palette of bright colours. By abstracting Rio into a series of patterns and colours like this, the tone becomes more positive and optimistic.

_Bye Bye Brazil is at White Cube in Bermondsy until the 29th of September, 2013_

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