Sweet Paradox


A group exhibition at Mizuma Gallery, Sweet Paradox contains work by a selection of contemporary Japanese artists, each of whom has some great pieces on display. While sweetness is certainly evident in Osamu Watanabe's confection-covered sculptures, paradox is most obvious in Akria Yoshida's Inu Hariko statues which feature smiling cats typically seen waving in Asian store fronts, but in this case they have been covered in images of atomic holocaust.

Shintaro Ohata's paintings were the most captivating of the works in the exhibition. Really they are part painting, part sculpture, as sculpted figures float in front of canvas backdrops. He depicts coloured light as it moves across both the floating figures and the canvas in a uniform way. In doing so he manages to find a beauty created by world of garish public space advertising as the neon lights are demoted to ambient lighting for some very human moments.

Sweet Paradox is at the Mizuma Gallery in Singapore until the 10th of August, 2014

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