The Tempest


It isn't possible to see The Tempest at Shakespeare's Globe without feeling a bit like you are passing judgement on the 16th century. The whole point of the reconstructed playhouse, coupled with the rennaisance costumes and staging is to create an approximation of Elizabethan theatre. And apart from the £2.50 booking fee (which I am sure authentic groundlings didn't put up with) and the occasional jumbo jet routed directly overhead, it's rather splendid.

This production stars Roger Allam as Prospero, and he is very good especially when mid-wedding he suddenly remembers the plot against his life. However, the best bits unsurprisingly belong the misfit trio of Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban. This is where being a groundling is really good, as they menace, mock and ultimately delight those standing in the yard. It's brilliant entertainment, now as it was then.

Performances of The Tempest at Shakespeare's Globe run until the 18th of August.

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