The Visit: an Alien Encounter


The visit is a speculative documentary in which scientists and officials participate in a simulation of an extraterrestrial life form arriving on earth. The intentions and motives of the visitors are never explained, instead we watch as the interviewees try to plot a course of action in the face of an extremely minimal set of information. In this way the film becomes less about aliens and more about the way humans react to things that elide the possibility of knowing.

Much of the movie is shot in super slow motion. In a question and answer session following the screening, director Michael Madsen said that this was an attempt to present human activities in a way that was perceptually different, yet still intelligible to an audience. Given his obvious interest in this topic it is a bit disappointing that he didn't include any interviews with phrenologists who have quite a lot to say on this very point.

The Visit was part of the ongoing Sci-Fi London film festival.

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