Here are some projects I have made or been involved with. There are experience research projects, data visualisation, and animations. Some are serious business, some are for fun.

Experience Research


Creating a new desktop application to improve media lab workflow and output. (more)

RCN Hackathon Research Day

A vounteer project at the Royal College of Nursing to understand administrative tasks undertaken by nurses. (more)

Hospital Experience

Initial explorations and preliminary resarch for my PhD thesis on patient experience. (more)

Experience Ecology & Machine Oriented Research

Designing a research tool in order to understand experience ecologically. (more)

Data Visualisation & Animations


In this animation, a small cat is fired out of a cannon whenever someone tweets about Kanye West. (more)

Longview Widgets

See information from all of your linux servers connected to Linode's longview. (more)


This sakura tree is a visualisation of the level of fear in the stock market. (more)


An animation. (more)