Hi, I'm Tom

My initials are "telega". I am a social researcher and web developer based in Peckham, London. At the moment, I work in the Department of Art Media Research Lab at Goldsmiths where I make things with Photoshop, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and sometimes a Raspberry Pi. My research interests focus on the relationships between humans and machines in the production of subjectivity.

Did you know that avoiding social media can make you happier? Even knowing this, it's impossible to fully escape its clutches. You can find some code on github, mostly JavaScript and Processing stuff. I try to avoid Facebook as much as possible, but you can still find me there. Recently, I also rejoined Twitter and even LinkedIn.

You can always send me an email.

You can read some random thoughts on my blog, mostly about art exhibitions I have been to. I also host some sites for other people on this server, you can check those out too.


  • 16 PhD Media Studies, SOAS
  • 10 MA Global Media, SOAS
  • 09 Certificate in Web Design, Corcoran
  • 06 BA Political Science, McGill


  • 13 - ** Digital Media Technician, DAMRL, Goldsmiths
  • 15 - 16 Senior Teaching Fellow, CMS, SOAS
  • 14      Graduate Teaching Assistant, CMS, SOAS
  • 12 - 14 Freelance Researcher & Web Developer
  • 11      Digital Media Supervisor, Kova Brands
  • 07 - 09 Communications Assistant, IRG